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Yan Xi agriculture

  Hebei Yanxi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yanxi Company) was established in 2015 with registered capital of 6 million yuan. Yanxi Company is located in Lingshou County, Northwest Mountainous Area of Shijiazhuang. It is a diversified entity enterprise integrating research and development, production, marketing and service of agricultural products. It focuses on the development of family horticultural products, taking the road of green sustainable development as the main line and developing students. The policy of state, environmental protection and natural construction; the aim is to provide green, safe and high quality conscientious agricultural products; innovative research and development of new products to make products more diversified.

  The family horticultural products run by the company include golden grain culture soil generation 1 and generation 2, fleshy plant culture soil, acid plant culture soil, orchid special culture soil; in addition, vermiculite, perlite, volcanic rock, pumice, maifanshi, ceramics and other soilless substrates. The above products are physically processed to maintain the natural content of ingredients, to ensure non-toxic, harmless, sterile, no pesticide additions.

  At the same time, Yanxi Company takes Xizhuang Village as an opportunity to build a beautiful new countryside, relying on Lingshou Yongheng Planting Specialized Cooperative 3000 mu green vegetable production base and the abundant water resources of Yanchuan Reservoir, vigorously develops planting, sightseeing and picking leisure agriculture. The main products are fungus, walnuts, dates, selenium-rich millet, organic whole wheat flour, black peanuts, lotus root, firewood eggs, black pork, sweet potatoes and sweet potato noodles. The products are produced in Lingshou Eternal Planting Co-operative Green Vegetable Base, which ensures that the products are green, organic, environmentally friendly and pollution-free from the root, and absolutely provides you with safe food for your table.

  The company uses online ordering and offline delivery to achieve a new model of online sales of agricultural products. Customers order tea in the morning and receive fresh, green vegetables on time after work.

  The company adheres to the goal of returning to nature and green, adheres to the principle of high quality products and eternal customer satisfaction, and builds a hundred-year-old shop with conscience. At the same time, the company warmly welcomes people of insight at home and abroad to come to guide and win-win cooperation.