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Brucite Fiber

It is a kind of silicate clay mineral rich in magnesium fibers.
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Product description

It is a kind of silicate clay mineral rich in magnesium fibers. Its chemical composition is mainly composed of silicon (Si) and magnesium (Mg)。 It is usually dense, massive, earthy or fibrous, generally white, gray or slightly reddish, dark green and brown. Smooth touch, sticky tongue, light texture, drier can float on the water surface, soft when wet, strong plasticity. It has large specific surface area, high adsorption and thermal stability, high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation performance, low shrinkage rate, not easy to crack, and high salinity resistance.

Physical property:

The ores are clay-like with fine grains, which are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The colours are mostly grey and brown. The content of sepiolite is generally 20-40%, and other impurities are quartz, talc, calcite and so on. This kind of ore is abundant in reserves and widely used.

The color is changeable, white is the majority, and light yellow, light grey, black green, opaque, feel bonded, large volume, specific gravity 2-2.5,Non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, non-burning, the highest temperature resistance 1750 degrees, water absorption is 1.5 times higher than self-weight, good catalytic and absorption.

Chemical property

The molecular formula is: Mg(H_2O)8H_2O

Product content

SiO 2 52%-65%; MgO 15%-25%; Moisture 10%; PH 8-8.5Chemical composition and properties:

Brucite fibers can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, friction materials, pharmaceuticals and other industries; they can be used as thermal insulation coatings, fillers and catalysts for various chemical industries, sound insulation, heat preservation and deodorization materials; or as environmental protection products for brake pads. Particle size: It can produce 320 mesh products, including 320 mesh, 200 mesh, 100 mesh powder and various granular products.

According to the needs of customers, provide the physical performance of the corresponding use.

Fiber length can be adjusted within a certain range.

Brucite Fiber Uses

Brucite fibers have low shrinkage, good plasticity, alkali resistance, solubility, strong adsorption and other special industrial properties. In addition, brucite fibers also have the characteristics of adsorption, decolorization, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, thermal insulation, insulation, etc. They are mainly used in building insulation, thermal insulation materials, coatings and so on. The products are also used as oil drilling mud, widely used as heat preservation and insulation raw materials, pharmaceutical industry can, and acid-resistant drugs can be used for the appearance of pellets, which can make drugs resistant to oxidation and degeneration. It can be used as filter aid for liquor and oil to improve transparency and reduce mixing and precipitation. Used in rubber industry, the modulus, swelling strength, hardness, abrasion resistance and tear resistance of rubber are increased. When used, the aging performance can be improved and the aging degree can be alleviated. It can be used to decolorize paraffin, petroleum and vegetable oil. Used as a filter tip for cigarettes, it can preferentially adsorb harmful gases. Especially in recent years, it is widely used in asbestos-free friction sealing materials.